Mark me down as “right there with ya!”

One of the things I try to remind myself when it seems the debt is just going down too slowly, is that we’ve already made the truly BIG leap. We’ve gotten over the idea that debt is either desirable or necessary. That social lie is what allowed us all to get into this situation to begin with. The fact that we’re digging out now is testament to our understanding the ugly truth of the situation. No, I’m not as far along on debt repayment as I’d like. But I’m further along than I thought I’d be when I started with DR (four years last month!) And we’ve weathered a heckuva lot of roller coaster drama in life since then, which in previous years would have put me right back in the hole. Hang in there; you’re working on goals and quality-of-life improvements that most of the rest of our society don’t even recognize.