I re-did a budget based on my income alone

That way whatever DH makes we can throw at debt, or if he decides to quit his job, we will be able to survive (really, don’t get me started.) Ditto if he gets fired (it’s a long story, but if I have to choose, I’m choosing fired, at least it’s worth $1800/month.)

I changed my attitude about money this month. I decided I was going to put into action what God and Dave have been saying: I’m just a STEWARD of the money, not the owner. It really changed my attitude about the budget plan; as a STEWARD, I ran the budget past the Almighty via prayer to see if he had any input, particularly when it came to DH’s side of the money equation.

He did, and as a result, I am putting off buying my App software. That will cost me more in the long run, but what can I say? Hopefully “in the long run” I’ll have more money anyway.

It’s far more important (feedback) to get our stuff moved out here. 98% of what we own is in storage costing us $300 a month in California. The other 2% is at our friends house, taking up half her garage. It needs to get gone. The moving company we thought about using originally is now only $2700 (versus $3400): that’s cheaper than what we can drive it out ourselves. We can cashflow the down payment now, and be able to pay it off November 13 with DH’s “last” check without impacting our budget plan, and get the stuff moved out the next week.

I just realized why the feedback was important. If DH loses his job, I’m not going to have $300 a month to pay for the CA storage unit, even if he gets unemployment. His whole unemployment is going to have to go towards medical insurance (one of the few downsides to not living in California.)

I’m just rambling now.