Become an Experienced Architect in 4 StepsGeneral 

Become an Experienced Architect in 4 Steps

Before you start an architecture office in Dubai, it is good to get as much experience as possible in the early years of your career. You will gain a broader perspective of the profession, but you will be in a better position to focus on areas of specialization later. In modern practices, flexibility is a key trait of potential employees. You will be well-prepared to secure an interview and a job by following these steps.


Choosing the right internship is important. You should begin research for internships at least three months before starting your internship. Shortlisted firms should be able to hire you a month or two after you’ve been interviewed. Be prepared to work for two to three weeks, and remember to leave time to prepare your portfolio and resume. Your internship location may also depend on your long-term career plans. While you won’t earn a great deal of money during this stage, it will be similar to full-time employment.

Getting a license:

As an experienced architect, you have to undergo a rigorous licensing process to practice architecture in your state. In some states, a license can be renewed every odd year. However, a renewal of your license does not mean that you must complete continuing education courses. If you want to become a licensed architect in this state, you should follow the steps mentioned below. To get started, you should first enroll in a licensed architect program. You should also take an experience program or a board-approved Arctic course. You can also apply for reciprocity if your state license is already valid in another state.

Getting a job:

Applying for an architecture job is relatively straightforward. There are hundreds of job websites that list architecture openings. However, if you’re set on working for a specific firm, you may want to start there. Smaller firms often don’t update their listings, so you’ll have to scour the web for their latest job openings. However, larger firms are usually more reliable, and their websites may have an email address that you can use to send in your resume.

Build networking:

Make yourself known in architecture through networking. You’ll always meet people in your field, so try to make connections and ask them questions. By doing this, you’ll increase your chances of getting hired. You can also join professional architecture groups and attend conferences to network. Getting involved with the community will help you gain a reputation in your chosen field, and it will benefit you greatly in the long run.

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