Stem Cells - Facts You Need To Know About ThemGeneral 

Stem Cells – Facts You Need To Know About Them

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever wondered what stem cells are. Here, you’ll learn about stem cells, as well as about stem cell banking in UAE. These cells are responsible for forming your body’s organs and tissues. They also play a major role in our overall health. But do you know what they do for you?

Amniotic stem cells

While it is still unclear exactly how amniotic stem cells develop, scientists believe the fluid surrounding the fetus provides the essential signalling needed to promote cell differentiation. They may even serve as a niche for these cells to grow and develop, and they may even help the fetus’ tissues repair/regenerate. Some researchers have already found that amniotic stem cells can form bone in test tubes, which may help the fetus’s tissues recover from injury.

Multipotent stem cells

Human MSCs are multipotent stem cells derived from the mesoderm (early embryonic development). They are found in almost all tissues throughout the body and exhibit multidirectional differentiation potential. They also promote stem cell engraftment and regulate immune responses. MSCs are considered the ideal type of stem cells. Their limited proliferative capacity and reduced collagen content may be factors behind their poor mechanical properties. But TGFb1 stimulation of BM-MSCs and differentiation into SMCs has enhanced their differentiation capacity and contraction.

Safety of stem cell treatments

The growing popularity of stem cell therapies has brought about new questions and concerns about their safety. While some academics warn against using stem cell therapy for cancer, others insist that these therapies can promote cancer development. The safety of stem cell treatments depends on the type of cell used and the degree of manipulation. Studies of bone marrow-derived stem cells, used to treat orthopaedic and musculoskeletal problems, show few known side effects.

Cost of stem cell treatments

The cost of stem cell therapy can vary dramatically. It may cost from Dh 1,000 to Dh 6,000 per treatment, and some patients may need multiple injections. As technology advances, the cost of stem cell therapy is expected to decrease. Whether it is performed at a hospital or an outpatient clinic, the procedure uses cells from the patient’s body and FDA-approved sources. In addition to restoring damaged tissue, stem cell therapy can also prevent the disease from progressing.

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