The Benefits Of Staying In Dubai With FamilyGeneral 

The Benefits Of Staying In Dubai With Family

Expatriates often book staycations in Dubai during public holidays to keep their kids entertained. Many world-class hotels in the city have kid-friendly amenities and activities, including private beaches, water parks, and sporting facilities. Families can also become annual members of Dubai theme parks and other clubs. If you are looking for a family visa in Dubai, assess the benefits of living there.


Although Dubai has a low crime rate, the strict laws of the UAE have kept it a safe place for visitors and locals alike. Although the majority of crime in the UAE is white-collar, changes in the peace process in the Middle East could disrupt Dubai. Despite the low crime rate, there is a risk of being targeted by terrorists.

Thankfully, staying in Dubai with your family has several safety benefits. Since children are central to UAE society, it is not as easy to stay on your own as a single traveler might feel. Dubai roads are large, fast, and chaotic and don’t lend themselves to safe driving. Traffic is especially bad in the city during rush hour, and highways are eight lanes wide with traffic lights everywhere.

Cost of living

While salaries are high in Dubai, living here is still not cheap, especially if you want to spend your money on high-end goods. In the recent study, Dubai came in 42nd place, down from number 23. Abu Dhabi dropped from number 39 to number 56, demonstrating that prices are decreasing in the UAE. This means that expatriates should know the true cost of living in Dubai before moving there.

Expatriate-friendly environment

Dubai offers a safe, secure, and comparatively, easy-to-live-in environment compared to other cities. For ex-pats, the quota for residency is quite easy, and you can join any hotel or private beach club. There are numerous sports clubs, and you will not find any shortage of dining options. Unlike many other cities, Dubai has the highest educational standards, and many new schools are built yearly.

Though the cost of living in Dubai is comparable to other famous cities, there are some challenges to consider when relocating your family. Expatriates will likely find the working hours too long, especially if they work in international companies. In addition, governmental censorship can restrict their access to SKYPE or websites. Getting domestic help in Dubai can also be a bit of a pain. The bureaucracy of living in the city is another issue for ex-pats, so be sure to get help from your employer.

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