What Are The Different Forms Of Art?General 

What Are The Different Forms Of Art?

The term art surrounds multiple media like sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, and decorative arts. These are some of the known forms of art in Dubai. However, the newest art form is cinema. The film was only created a century ago, so it does not have the same history as other forms. Cinema uses spoken word and visual art to tell a story. Read this article to know different forms of art.


The sculpture is a visual art form whose history dates back to ancient times. It was originally used for rituals and religious devotion and was also a way to express political and religious ideals. It was also made to commemorate important events, such as the birth of a new king or a person’s death. Later, it became a more purely aesthetic form of art. Sculptors use expensive, durable materials to create decorative objects meant to last for many generations.


Music is an art form in which sounds are combined and produced to create a unified and often emotional effect. It is composed for aesthetic purposes and can be as simple as a folk song to as complex as an electronic composition. It is a creative activity that is both conceptual and auditory and exists across cultures, periods, and styles.

Performance art:

Performance art is a form of art in which artists create an event, often onstage, which they then document. It can range from small-scale events to large-scale spectacles. It can occur anywhere, including museums, alternative art spaces, and the streets. The works created in this manner often blur the boundaries of art and exhibitionism.

Decorative arts:

Decorative arts are art forms that are used to beautify a space. These forms of art are usually linked to architecture. Museums dedicated to displaying decorative arts are generally called museums of decorative arts. In contrast, useful arts emphasize practical aspects and minimize aesthetic features. These forms of art are not usually considered fine art.


Painting is the practice of applying paint to a solid surface. This can be done with a brush or other implements. The process is a creative one, and it is a great way to express yourself. It can create a unique and personal look for any room. It is an art form with a long history and is still very popular today.

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