What to See in a 3D Printing Service Before Using OneGeneral 

What to See in a 3D Printing Service Before Using One

Before choosing a 3D printing service in Dubai, you need to understand how it works. The most basic process is fused deposition modeling, which involves a printer head melting plastic. The plastic extrudes onto the printer bed, fusing with the previous layer upon cooling. When you’re ready to start using the service, all you have to do is follow the steps outlined below.

Common features to look:

You need to consider several things when selecting a 3D printing service. First, you need to know what type of technology your project requires. For instance, if you are designing a new device or a product for a new company, you should ensure that the 3D printer is suitable for the task. If the printer does not have the right features, you may not be able to produce your parts. Secondly, you need to consider whether the 3D printer is safe to operate. It would help if you also determined whether the service provider has the expertise and experience to make your design work with any material.


The costs of 3D printing services depend on the type of material and the technology used to create the part. The materials used can be plastic, metal, or even a combination of many. You can order parts for 3D printing online. Depending on your needs, the cost of a 3D printing service can be as low as DH 500 or as high as Dh1 million. To find out your options, take a look at some of the popular 3D printing materials and services.


When choosing a 3D printing service, you should check the material specifications first. 3D printing materials vary widely in their properties and use. Each type is classified based on stiffness, durability, color, and flexibility. PolyJet, for example, builds parts with the smallest layers in full CMYK color. PolyJet can produce very detailed parts, such as cosmetics. You can also choose a finishing service to finish your printed models. Some materials translate well to sanding, polishing, and painting. 


There are many advantages of using a 3D printing service. First, you’ll avoid having to pay for tooling and materials. Second, you can change your design immediately and continue running your production order without waiting for a tool to be created. Third, 3D printing allows you to print a small model before moving on to the next production phase. This is especially valuable if you need to create many prototypes before you’ve finalized your design.

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