We have had a habit of giving people enough rope to hang themselves

There were several tip-offs along the way that made me think he was in an LTC. I don’t know how much of it was in private exchanges or was here, but he avoided being specific. He talked about how if you were “1% pro LTC and 99% against” that you were treated poorly here. People that want to help those recovering from LTCs don’t talk about being pro-LTC at all.

Also, when I asked him direct questions, or brought something up and challenged it, he threw it in my face. (Which is, by the way, a tactic manipulative abusers use on others.) For instance, he talked about owning 3 franchises and being semi-retired. I find that questionable, since I don’t know of anyone who owns a franchise and isn’t hands-on. It’s their money and nobody is going to work as hard on something as they will. If you have shelled out money and work for something that is making you money, are you likely to sit back, or try to get guaranteed loan? I could see owning 1 and being “semi-retired,” but I couldn’t see owning three, monitoring them and keeping them running, and being semi-retired.

On the other hand, I’m supposedly retired, and I’m working on starting a film production company and flipping houses for fun and profit, so it’s hard to be sure – but I don’t see me buying anything and being “semi” about it – since that leaves it up to others how much I’m going to make.

So that sounded suspicious, but I said, “I assume these franchises are LTC related?” His response was, “Again, you’re reading too much into things.” B—s—! I’m asking and prompting him about it. He’s taking a pro-LTC stand, but he’s to much of a wuss to do it outright. But he’s talking about his experience. In my experience, with most people, if I said, “I assume these are LTC related?” and they aren’t, then most people would say, “No. Two are fast food and one is an auto paint shop” or something like that. But his redirecting, and using that chance to try to put me on the defensive told me he did not want to share that information with me. That strongly suggests he has something to hide.

I didn’t have his full name, otherwise I’d have Googled him at first, but once I had it, I did find him recommending a book on doing LTCs, which is more than enough proof.

So we have someone who claims to be 1% pro-LTC, who is in LTCs, who reads up on them, and is active in them.

Then, to top it off, after that, he has to start writing to me directly via email and used multiple addresses in that header. I checked the email addresses, but I figured if he’s sunk to that level of patheticness, I don’t want to read what he’s saying. He’s going to be just calling me every name he can, and I don’t want to hear the “tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

He lied from the start, he was deceitful, and then, of course, he has to have the last word. I don’t know what he said, but I’m sure he thinks we’re horrid people.